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I'd love to tap into your [INDUSTRY] expertise

Hi [NAME],

My colleague and I have had great success teaming up with [INDUSTRY] experts like yourself.

A few notable experts we partnered up with include [INDUSTRY_THOUGHT_LEADERS].

I’d love to get your feedback on [MY_COMPANY]’s products and explore how we could work together to share [MY_COMPANY] with your clients. Would you have some time next week to connect?

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Can you put me in touch with [DECISION_MAKER]?

Hey [NAME],

Was hoping that you might be able to introduce me to [DECISION_MAKER] at [DEPARTMENT]?

I wanted to connect with him because our email lists target a similar demographic with limited overlap. Seeing our products are non-competitive, I wanted to touch base to see if he was up for brainstorming ways to leverage our existing user bases to grow both of our lists.

We did this with [COMPETITOR] in the past, and both parties received a 15% lift in new subscribers.

Any help is much appreciated.

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