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Hello [NAME],

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes that can get [COMPANY] [KEY_BENEFIT].

I recently used this idea to help our client [COMPETITOR] [BENEFITS].

[NAME], let’s schedule a 10 minute call so I can explain. When works best for you?

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I want to show you our new [PRODUCT_TYPE]

Hi [NAME],

I understand you are [TITLE] at [COMPANY], and given that our customers who used to use similar technology, a chat may be beneficial.

In short, we’ve created the [PRODUCT_TYPE] [INDUSTRY] have been craving by [BENEFIT]. The difference is obvious – see for yourself.

Are you available for a brief chat [TIME]?


P.S. Feel free to compare us with others [COMPARISON_PAGE]. We want you to :-)


I could use your help!

Hi [NAME],

I am doing some research on [COMPANY] to determine if there is a need for [KEY_BENEFIT].

Could you please help by pointing me to the appropriate person there that may have an interest in a brief discussion?

For context – Here is a short infographic introducing you to [MY_COMPANY].


In advance, thank you for your help.

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We helped [COMPETITOR] with [PROBLEM]


Because I work so much with [INDUSTRY], I constantly follow industry news. Recently I noticed you’ve [COMPANY_ACTION].

Usually when that happens, [PROBLEM] becomes a priority. That’s why I thought you might be intestered in finding out how we helped [COMPETITOR] get going quickly in their new direction - without any of the typical glitches.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. How does [TIME] look on your calendar?

P.S. If you’re not the right person to speak with, who do you recommend I talk to?

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Your [DEPARTMENT] team might be interested

Hey [NAME],

I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because [MEDIA_OR_OTHER_SOURCE_OF_LEAD].

[MY_COMPANY] has a new platform that will help the [DEPARTMENT] team at [YOUR_COMPANY] [BENEFITS].

I know that [MY_PRODUCT] will be able to help [COMPANY] [PROBLEM]. Are you available for a quick call [TIME]?



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Hi [NAME],

My name is [MY_NAME] with [MY_COMPANY].

We help [INDUSTRY] with [SOLUTION].

I wanted to learn how you handle [THINGS_YOUR_COMPANY_DOES] at [COMPANY] and show you what we’re working on.

Are you available for a brief call at [TIME]?

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Helping you with [PROBLEM]


In working with other [INDUSTRY], one of the key issues they’re struggling with is [KEY_ISSUE].

This past year we helped numerous companies to [SOLUTION], resulting in [BENEFITS].

If this is something you’re challenged with too, let’s set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might help.

All the best,


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